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Core Values

At Inter-Rail we take our obligations seriously. We have an obligation to look out for the safety of our employees and an obligation to our customers and their products to be the best at what we do. Our core values, driven by safety, quality and customer service ensure that we meet these obligations and provide the greatest value to our customers.

Honesty & Integrity

It goes without saying this is the most important value. If our customers can’t trust us we won’t have business very long. If your employer can’t trust you, you won’t have a job very long. And if our employees can’t trust us we will never reach the goals we have set and will have employee un-rest.

Safety & Quality

Safety of our associates is the number one priority at Inter-Rail, we have an obligation to look out for the safety of our employees. I believe in being the best at what you do and this is our responsibility to our customers and their products.

Respect & Caring

Treat everyone as you would want to be treated, with respect and dignity. Care for the associates that work for you. Get to know them personally, have compassion.


Be accountable for your actions, right or wrong. No one is perfect and it takes a bigger person to admit mistakes and make them right than those that place blame on others.

Hard Work

It takes a strong work ethic and a vision to succeed in life, there are no shortcuts. This industry is no exception, as you get what you put into it. Nothing in life worth working for will be easy. I believe one of the best compliments you can tell someone is that they are a hard worker.

Quality of Life

I believe everyone needs time off and time with their families and friends. Keep this in mind when arranging work schedules for your employees and yourselves.

Set the Example

I believe that the tone of a company starts at the top and I try to lead by example. This tone also holds true for any level of Management. I often say “Management has its privileges; you are first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave in the evening.” Getting into Management means you are willing to take on this responsibility.


The best organizations build from within and provide their associates with opportunities for advancement. We have an obligation to train and develop our associates to be ready for advancement when that time comes. Inter-Rail might be a job for some, but it can also be a career if you put forth the effort.


Having a positive attitude is the most important quality in leadership. Only you can control your attitude, it will set the tone for your team, in a positive or negative fashion. As a leader, people will always be watching you. Remember that every time before you do something.

“Listed, are what I call, my company values. I feel the most important value is honesty. All other values listed are in no particular order as I feel they are inter-related and of equal importance. Values set the tone and culture of a company and I am proud of our reputation in the industry and I thank each of you for your contribution.”

Jay Ricketts

Founding Father, Inter-Rail