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About Inter-Rail Group

Inter-Rail’s Founding Father, Jay W. Ricketts, far left, at the opening of Flynn Auto Ramp, July 1982, Oklahoma City.

When first founded in 1979 by Jay W. Ricketts, Inter-Rail Transport, Inc. managed just one facility. Located in Walbridge, Ohio, volumes were under 6,000 automobiles a year. From modest beginnings, Inter-Rail Group has grown to become one of the premier automobile handlers in the nation. Today, with the corporate home office located in Centreville on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Inter-Rail Group now handles over 3 million vehicles annually and operates 26 separate facilities in 15 states. In addition to its core service of multi-level railcar loading and unloading, services include railcar pre-tripping, prepping and repair, switching, vehicle processing, inspections, and inventory management. After Jay’s retirement in 2009, the new era of Inter-Rail is more committed than ever to meet the standard he set during his career.

Keeping Up with Changing Times and Technology

Over the last 40 years, Inter-Rail Group has distinguished itself from other contractors by being on the forefront of innovative technologies. Being one of the original users of digital cameras in the late 1990s, then fast forward several decades to custom payroll and production software, inventory and damage management systems, and most recently the Inter-Rail Mobile App, safe driving camera system, and the development of the Precision Spacing Tool. We continue to strive to meet the needs of our customers and the growing industry by providing you with the fastest and most efficient way of staying connected and communicating information.

Our Leadership Team