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Inter-Rail Group News

S.T.O.M.P. Presentation at BNSF Saftey Summit

If you have visited one of Inter-Rail’s sites recently you may have noticed a boot print logo on our safety vests and equipment. At Inter-Rail facilities nationwide, we have boots on the ground in support of our new safety campaign S.T.O.M.P.  S.T.O.M.P., which stands for Stop, Think, Observe, Make a plan, and Proceed, focuses in on eliminating accidents, injuries and unsafe acts in the red zone. Implementing this procedure into our daily operations has helped to create a safer workplace culture reducing injuries by 80%, year to date. We are grateful for the opportunity to share with others in the industry at the BNSF Business Unit Operations Safety Summit in Fort Worth, Texas.

“S.T.O.M.P.E.R. of the Month”

All Inter-Rail facilities are on-board the Safety Train, as we have officially implemented our new safety campaign nationwide. S.T.O.M.P., which stands for Stop, Think, Observe, Make a plan, and Proceed, focuses in on eliminating accidents, injuries and unsafe acts in the red zone. It is our recipe for success as we stay committed to working accident and injury-free while delivering quality service to our customers. However, we need boots on the ground to support this initiative.

The “S.T.O.M.P.E.R. of the Month” award recognizes those associates who are making a difference out in the field. The current “S.T.O.M.P.E.R. of the Month” recipient is Kevin Goldbaum. Goldbaum has been an employee at Inter-Rail’s Kent facility since 2018 as an Unloading Supervisor. He says safety in the yard is always his main focus. Making sure his crew members use 3-points of contact when climbing on and off equipment, and do not cross at the first or last units on deck. Thank you, Kevin, for your commitment to eliminating accidents and injuries by looking out for the safety of your crew.

Birmingham Scores a 99.41% on AAR Audit

With help from Bryce Thomas, Jim Hull, and the Inter-Rail Upper Management Team, Operations Manager, Tyson Smith and Assistant Operations Manager, Isaac Robinson were prepared for their first AAR destination audit conducted on July 17. Team Birmingham received a score of 99.41%! Thank you, to the CSX/TDSI for their countless audits and continued support and congratulations, Team Birmingham for your hard work!

Commerce Scores a 99.92% on AAR Audit

On July 16, Team Commerce was visited by a familiar face– former Manager, Craig Millbauer dropped in to conduct a destination AAR audit. We are proud to announce that the Commerce Team received a score of 99.92%, which was an increase of 0.44% from their last audit in 2017. Since beginning operations at the Commerce facility, we have never scored below a 99% on a destination review. Congratulations to Operations Manager, Colin Seitz and the entire Commerce Team for achieving a score this high. We would love to thank the Norfolk Southern and Southeast Toyota for their support.

Damage Prevention and Freight Claims Conference

Inter-Rail Group is honored to have participated in the 127th annual Damage Prevention and Freight Claims Conference held July 8th-11th in Omaha, Nebraska. President, Seth Ricketts and Vice President of Rail Operations, James Handlin were invited as guest speakers to present on Inter-Rail’s Precision Spacing Tool (PST,) which was showcased at the trade show, along with all of the services Inter-Rail provides. The highlight of the conference was listening to the keynote speakers and having the opportunity to interface with other industry professionals. Thank you to the Association of American Railroads and Union Pacific for putting together a fantastic conference!

2019 AAR Destination Quality Review

    • Palm Center, FL – 99.67% on 02/05
    • Miami, FL – 98.31% on 02/06
    • Jacksonville, FL – 99.60% on 02/20
    • San Bernardino, CA – 99.93% on 03/11
    • Orillia, WA – 99.68% on 04/09
    • Portland Rivergate, OR – 99.96% on 05/24
    • Portland Barnes, OR – 99.33% on 06/03
    • Kent, WA – 99.85% on 06/11
    • Dilworth, MN – 99.64% on 6/26
    • Commerce, GA – 99.92% on 7/16
    • Birmingham, AL – 99.41% on 7/17
    • El Mirage, AZ – 99.69% on 8/14
    • Phoenix, AZ – 99.59% on 8/14