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Inter-Rail Group News

S.T.O.M.P. Program

Inter-Rail facilities nationwide are on-board the Safety Train in support of our safety campaign S.T.O.M.P.—Stop, Think, Observe, Make a Plan and Proceed— which focuses on eliminating accidents, injuries and unsafe acts in the red zone. It is our recipe for success as we stay committed to working accident and injury-free while delivering quality service to our customers. To build a stronger safety culture, we’ve challenged all of our associates to practice and teach the S.T.O.M.P. culture every second of every day.

S.T.O.M.P.-er of the Month recognizes Inter-Rail associates nationwide for their exemplary efforts and success in improving safety in the workplace.

Inter-Rail TDSI Facilities Recognized for Achievements

Inter-Rail is proud of our team of young, talented managers and their crews for being recognized for their achievements in 2019 at the TDSI Kick-Off Conference in Welaka last week.  Thank you Bryce Thomas, Phil Peay, Mike Pascuzzi, Jim Hull, Mike Herman and Nathan Cockerham of TDSI for hosting another great conference and for the support you provide to our crews year round.  We look forward to building off of our record year in 2020. Some of Inter-Rail’s 2019 TDSI facility highlights include:

  • 155,788 man hours worked injury-free
  • Injury-Free Award- Birmingham, Memphis, New Boston, Palm Center, Tampa
  • Trifecta Award – Birmingham, Memphis, New Boston and Palm Center
  • AAR Excellence Award- Birmingham, Memphis, New Boston, Palm Center
  • Facility of the Year- New Boston
  • Facility of the Quarter, 2nd Quarter- New Boston
  • Two consecutive 100% AAR Destination Quality Review Audits – New Boston
  • 99.49% average after seven AAR Destination Quality Review Audits
  • Five mechanical operation start-ups in six months

Pictured left to right: Operations Manager, Louis Lamadrid; President, Jim Azpell; Operations Manager, Jon Brancheau, General Manager, Bobby Gribbin; CEO, Seth Ricketts; Senior General Manager, Shawn Emanuel; and Operations Managers, Tyson Smith, Nelson Ramirez, and Korey Klug.

Accident and Injury-Free Year

In 2019, Inter-Rail Mechanical grew its department exponentially, successfully starting-up five new operations within six months.  Most importantly, all mechanical locations worked the entire year accident and injury-free.  Our associates take pride in performing quality repairs, and this accomplishment would not have been possible without their commitment to safety.

Team Portland Awarded Facility of the Region

Inter-Rail’s Team Portland recently received the 2019 UPRR Facility of the Region Award. The award was presented by Joseph Davis of Union Pacific Railroad to General Manager, Larry Holmquist, Operations Manager, Zak Altig and Assistant Manager, Sebastian Dodd, and their crew while also celebrating an impressive AAR Destination Audit Score of 99.33%. This award recognizes the outstanding quality service performed by Inter-Rail associates without exception. This marks the second consecutive year that Team Portland has been the PNW recipient.

Joe Davis of Union Pacific Railroad (far right) presented Team Portland with the UPRR Facility of the Region Award.

Team Mira Loma Awarded Facility of the Region

During Team Mira Loma’s holiday celebration, their crews were joined by Gideon Banks of Union Pacific Railroad who presented Vice President, Steven Hockett and Assistant General Manager, Tim Thomas with the 2019 UPRR Facility of the SW Region Award. This award was presented just a day after all departments celebrated reaching a notable Safety Milestone —working incident-free for 90-days— an impressive achievement for the largest facility in the nation operating on multiple shifts to keep operations running 24 hours a day.

Gideon Banks of Union Pacific Railroad (far left) presented Team Mira Loma with the UPRR Facility of the Region Award.  Accepting the award (left to right) are Vice President, Steve Hockett and Assistant General Manager, Tim Thomas.


AAR Destination Quality Review

Inter-Rail Group closed 2019 out with an AAR Destination Quality Review average of 99.40% after receiving 20 audits.  Scores like this aren’t possible without the relentless efforts by our associates, local and upper management. We thank our customers for inviting us to AAR training classes and the AAR, who are always willing to coach and do all that they can to make our industry safer.

Injury Frequency

Our team finished 2019 with a 1.33 injury frequency— making this the safest year in Inter-Rail Group history!  Our number one goal was to achieve an injury frequency of 1.99 or lower, on a concerns per 200,000 man hours frequency.  This had never been accomplished before in our 40 year history. While we are proud of this accomplishment, we are focused on the future and remain committed to our obligation to our customers and their products to provide quality service by putting the safety of our associates at the forefront.


AAR Destination Quality Review for Multi-Level Spotting

After seven AAR Destination Quality Review audits, Inter-Rail Group received an average of 100% on the multi-level spotting procedures section. As reflected in our 2019 audit scores, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality, safe switching services.