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Innovation and Technology

Inter-Rail puts technology to work for our customers. Over the last 40 years, Inter-Rail has distinguished itself from other contractors by being on the forefront of innovative technologies. Being one of the original users of digital cameras in the late 1990s, fast forward several decades to custom payroll and production software, inventory and inspection management systems, and most recently the Inter-Rail Mobile App, safe driving camera system, and the development of the Precision Spacing Tool. We continue to strive to meet the needs of our customers and the growing industry by providing you with the fastest and most efficient way of staying connected and communicating information.

Precision Spacing Tool (PST)

The Precision Spacing Tool (PST) is the only tool of its kind and is now available for lease through Inter-Rail. Inter-Rail’s Vice President of Customer Service, James Handlin, developed the tool whose purpose is to create a safer work practice for the spotting process. The Precision Spacing Tool allows users to easily compress or extend junctions and align knuckles without having to go in between railcars. Using the tool eliminates the risk of accidents or injuries, and provides the precise spacing needed between automotive railcars to be compliant with the American Association of Railroads (AAR) standards. The PST is capable of being installed on any piece of equipment that has hydraulic capability and can be modified to fit specific needs. The Precision Spacing Tool is currently being used by multiple railroads to increase productivity, improve quality and reduce labor costs.


  • Time efficient allowing crews to make fewer spots
  • Increases productivity / timelines throughout the industry
  • Avoid penalties for rolled railcars
  • Saves labor costs to railroads
  • Improves quality without having to request a re-spot or roll railcars

Patent # 101813-2295OUS01

As seen at the 128th Damage Prevention and Freight Claims Conference Virtual Event.

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Video slideshow above features:

  1. Compressing a Junction
  2. Extending a Junction
  3. Aligning a Knuckle

Transition Railcar Ladder

What if we told you we could eliminate 99% of falls from railcars in the industry?

The Transition Railcar Ladder was designed with the safety of our associates in mind. Its narrow design allows it to travel between close track clearances, while still providing room for vehicles to fit in the drive lanes when installed onto a railcar.  The ladder is compatible with most railcar designs and can extend to B and C-deck heights to give associates a safer alternative to ascending and descending from railcars. The ladder is equipped with a protective back stop and a transition platform designed to eliminate falls from railcars, as well as LED lighting for night time use.

Patent Pending

As seen at the 128th Damage Prevention and Freight Claims Conference Virtual Event.


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Video slideshow above features:

  1. Positioning the Railcar Ladder
  2. Ascending the Railcar Ladder
  3. Descending the Railcar Ladder
  4. Nighttime Use of the Railcar Ladder

infOS™ Inventory Management System

Our in-house inventory management system, infOS™, was designed to interface with OEM, railroads, and third-party transport contractors. Through infOS™, Inter-Rail receives advanced shipping notifications which provide us with detailed information about each vehicle and its final destination location. The system creates detailed records of each tracking event, including on-rail and in-bay inspections, vehicle load and unload dates and times, bay assignments and reassignments, unit dwell times, financial and logistical hold information, and finally when the vehicle departed from the facility. Currently, our inventory management system is being used by railroads and automobile manufacturers.



Inter-Rail Inspection Management System (IMS)

Inter-Rail’s Inspection Management System (IMS) provides real-time tracking of automobile inspection events according to the most recent Association of American Railroads (AAR) standards.  IMS can be used by inspection contractors to capture on-rail and in-bay inspections as per railroad and OEM requirements, or by loading and unloading contractors to provide secondary inspection documentation.  Inspections are captured using a mobile device, and exceptions are documented through notes and photographs. All relevant documentation is transmitted to the IMS server for permanent storage.  Inspection histories can be researched to assist in determining recurring exceptions in origin, destination, and transport segments. The system can transfer EDI data to railroads, automobile manufacturers, and third-party transport contractors. 

IRT Mobile App

In 2018, Inter-Rail developed the IRT Mobile App which is in use at each of our facilities nationwide. The IRT Mobile App is designed to track the compliance of processes defined by our work procedures and can be manipulated to create customized audits to meet each of our customer’s specific needs. To ensure the proper care and handling of our customer’s product, within the app we are able to monitor each associate to determine the accuracy, efficiency, and quality of their work performance. By continuously auditing throughout the year, the statistics compiled will show the results of how well a facility performs. At Inter-Rail, we know that results matter and the IRT Mobile App assists us in continuing to provide superior service to our customers.

SmartDrive Technology

The SmartDrive® fleet safety program is an easy to use video-based tool that has been installed in Inter-Rail equipment across the nation. The program’s transportation intelligence and analytic tools give management an inside look into our daily operations and collect data, such as driver performance. Inter-Rail boasts a track record of dependable, damage-free service. Providing high-quality service is no accident. At Inter-Rail, it flows from our commitment to safety. We firmly believe there’s a strong link between safety and service. We will remain committed to teaching our associates the best business practices, and continue to invest in the best innovative technologies.

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