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Switching Services

Inter-Rail offers a full array of terminal management services including automotive, industrial, and intermodal switching. At Inter–Rail we have committed resources to locomotive acquisition, such as GENSET technology and continuous employee training, all of which result in outstanding service to our customers. Through partnerships with railroads and shippers, Inter–Rail can provide switching services that are more frequent, more flexible and more cost-effective.

Our certified crews safely and efficiently switch more than…

Multilevel Railcars a Day

Multilevel Railcars a Year

Inter-Rail owns, operates and maintains our own fleet of locomotives and trackmobiles. Allowing for our crews to spot railcars in a timely manner with an unload time of fewer than twenty-four hours. Through our commitment to provide our customers with high-quality, safe switching services we are able to increase transportation times and ensure on-time departures on outbound freight.

Providing high-quality service is reflected in our safety records and audit scores– most recently in 2018, we averaged 99.49% on the transportation sections of the AAR reviews. To achieve this level of quality it all starts with training. Through our in-house American Association of Railroads (AAR) and Federal Railroad Association (FRA) certification processes, we have over 100 certified engineers and conductors throughout multiple locations nationwide. Additionally, we can provide certifications in Class I and Class III air tests.

Creating Safer Work Practices

The Precision Spacing Tool (PST) is the only tool of its kind and

is now available for lease through Inter-Rail.

“We, the employees of Inter-Rail Group, Inc., are committed to exceeding our

customer’s, company’s and industry partner’s expectations by providing quality

service through dedicated training and continuous improvement.”

Inter-Rail's Quality Policy