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Inter-Rail Group Services

For over four decades, Inter-Rail Group has provided high-quality auto terminal services to railroads and automobile manufacturers. Across the nation, Inter-Rail crews are trusted to handle more than 3 million new vehicles sold annually in the United States.  Inter-Rail boasts a track record of dependable, damage-free service that has been recognized by numerous awards from our customers and by the top quality ratings we consistently earn in independent audits. Providing high-quality service is no accident. At Inter-Rail, it flows from our commitment to safety. We firmly believe there’s a strong link between safety and service. We take care of our employees so that they will take care of you.

To meet our customer’s needs, Inter-Rail offers a variety of services which are offered 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. In addition to its core service of multi-level railcar loading and unloading, services include railcar pre-tripping, prepping, rail car repair, switching, vehicle processing, inspection, and inventory management.

Auto Terminal Services

Inter-Rail specializes in the loading and unloading of vehicles on and off multi-level railcars. In addition to handling standard automobiles and trucks, our customers have relied on us to successfully process the occasional unique vehicle – a double-decker bus, trolley, and military Humvee to name a few.

Switching Services

Inter-Rail offers a full array of terminal management services including automotive, industrial, and intermodal switching. Through partnerships with railroads and shippers, Inter–Rail can provide switching services that are more frequent, more flexible and more cost-effective.

Railcar Maintenance Services

Knuckle to knuckle and deck to deck, Inter-Rail Mechanical crews have all of your railcar service needs covered. As your railcars pass through one of our service locations, our team of skilled associates can perform field inspections, maintenance services, and repairs, to keep your railcars in-service and out of the shop.

Innovation and Technology

Inter-Rail puts technology to work for our customers. Over the last 40 years, Inter-Rail has distinguished itself from other contractors by being on the forefront of innovative technologies. We continue to strive to meet the needs of our customers and the growing industry by providing you with the fastest and most efficient way of staying connected and communicating information.

“We, the employees of Inter-Rail Group, Inc., are committed to exceeding our customer’s,

company’s and industry partner’s expectations by providing

quality service through dedicated training and continuous improvement.”

Inter-Rail's Quality Policy