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Inter-Rail Group remains committed to exceeding our customer’s, company’s and industry partner’s expectations by providing quality service through dedicated training and continuous improvement.

To ensure an output of high quality service, we focus on providing our associates with the tools and knowledge needed to be successful. We strongly believe in investing in leadership development training and providing hardworking associates with opportunities for advancement.

This philosophy has proven successful in developing our industry’s future leaders, and has contributed to the overall sustainable strength of our organization. Over the past five years, we have gone from having only 4 Assistant Managers to over 20, all of which were previously Supervisors. Moreover, 85% of our Operations Managers and 95% of Assistant Managers have been promoted from within the company.

“I want to continue to offer and promote careers, not just jobs to each and every associate,” said President, Jim Azpell when asked about his goals for the company. We take our obligation to train and develop our associates seriously so that they will be ready for advancement when the opportunity arises.  To prepare our associates for this transition, Inter-Rail offers leadership development training company-wide.

The training course is led by General Manager, Larry Holmquist. Having over 28 years of experience in the industry, and having also built his career with Inter-Rail, starting out as an Unloader, he uses his experiences to engage and motivate associates who want to make this a career.

“The part I enjoy most about teaching the course is being able to share the knowledge of the unloading business that I have obtained over the years, and the opportunities this company has provided to me and my family,” says Holmquist.

The training course rotates through each region, at least once a year, inviting current Managers, Assistant Managers, Supervisors, or other motivated associates interested in a leadership role to attend. The objective of the training is to give future leaders the tools and knowledge needed to not only strengthen and sustain a successful team, but their personal lives as well. The course reviews topics such as the skills needed to be an effective manager and tips to enhance the culture at a facility, as well as paper work and budget training. View Full Article Here.